Lättläst på engelska


Det är stor efterfrågan på lättlästa romaner på engelska i biblioteket. Därför har vi nu köpt in lite fler titlar! Här ser ni dem tillsammans med en kort sammanfattning av innehållet från förlaget Barrington Stoke:

Bomber boysBomber boys av Thomas Bloor
Johnny says he’s a lucky charm for any crew he flies with, but Ian’s not so sure, and on a mission to Berlin, he finds out the truth.  Powerful WWII story.”

Prisoner in AlcatrazPrisoner in Alcatraz av Theresa Breslin
”No-one gets out of Alcatraz. And now, by a terrible twist of fate, Marty has ended up there. Inside the harshest prison in America. Marty’s there for life. Or is he? Some of his fellow inmates have an escape plan.”

BloodlineBloodline av Kevin Brooks
”Welcome to the Black family: four generations of plotters and liars and cheaters and losers, with barely a whisker of trust between them.”

Text gameText game av Kate Cann
”Everything’s going great in Mel’s life. And the best bit’s Ben. He’s gorgeous, he’s fun and great to be with – she can’t believe he’s going out with her. Then she starts getting nasty text messages.”

Bad weddingBad wedding av Catherine Forde
”Party girl Jane is forced to be her prim stepsister’s bridesmaid – with disastrous results. This is a story about a Bad Bridesmaid.”

One mistake

One mistake av Joanna Hines
Ben’s sister is in a mess and he’s the only one she trusts… but soon he realises that she may be involved in a murder. Scandal, death and blackmail make this a very taut thriller.”

ThemThem av Lee Weatherly
”With things difficult at home, Kylie is desperate to fit in at her new school. But how far will she go to prove herself? One boy is about to find out.”

Nåt som verkar intressant?



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